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Trade Facilitation Challenges for
Traders and Freight Forwarders

World Bank Group Survey

The World Bank Group is in the process of identifying firms who are willing to participate in a survey that aims to gain a better understanding of existing bottlenecks in border processes and procedures relating to the movement, release, and clearance of goods in South Africa. Findings of the survey will be able to inform the design of trade facilitation reforms to maximize gains from trade for all stakeholders.

The target population of the survey include South African firms that are engaged in both imports and/or exports of goods (not services) across any international land, air, or sea border. Firms will be surveyed to determine whether constraints are overarching for all traders or whether they are gender specific constraints. Whether the firm is male, or female-owned and/or male and female-managed are also important criterion.

The survey will be carried out nation wide ending 31st August 2021.

Interested firms can either participate in the survey via a telephonic interview OR by completing the survey online by accessing this link:

Alternatively, if you would like a Surveya Agent to contact you to complete the survey telephonically, please answer a few questions to determine eligibility, provide consent, and contact details to participate in the survey at a future date via this link:


It will be conducted by Surveya Global, and will target owners and managers of companies, as well as customs brokers and freight forwarders, throughout South Africa that import and export goods across borders. Interviews will be conducted by telephone, and each interview will take approximately 25 minutes. All survey responses and identities of respondents will be kept anonymous and confidential.

The survey is implemented by the WBG with support from the UK government under TFMICs

Photo copyright: Trevor Samson / World Bank (photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6), John Hogg / World Bank (photo 2).